Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UFO Update

So a while ago I posted my UFO list. I have worked on some up the projects so I am makeing an update on stuff I finished
1) bebekins octopus quilt need to undo the side of satin binding and do it a different way. one side left to hand sew down
2) bebekins dino quilt 1 needs to be finished quilting
3) Quilted netbook case. need to finish binding and add zipper.
V1 got taken completely apart will re assemble it in a better way. I came up with V2 and the prototype went well. so I am making a second one that I am photographing the steps so I can put a pattern together for it.
4) fish quilt top done needs to be quilted (probably should sent to a long arm quilter to have it done)
5) koi quilt top done needs to be quilted (probably should sent to a long arm quilter to have it done)
6) pink fairy bag needs quilting and final assembly

6)7) green fairy bag needs quilting and assembly
screw the quilting I am changing the way I am putting it together and it needs handles then it will be done
8) pillow to match cat quilt we made grandma for christmas

7)9) Brown Bear Brown bear curtians for bebekins room at grandmas. we made one set now we need to finish other. I pulled out he fabric and started to iron it
8)10) Brown Bear Brown Bear quilt to match said curtains for the bebekins room at grandmas. it is cut out and stacked ready to be chain sewn
9)11)Petie rose fairies needs final sashing sewn on then quilting
10)12)Sunshine fairies pieces cut and started piecing
11)13) wedding quilt for amy and david. about half the blocks pieced
14) spring out fit for the bebekins. have the top almost done, then it is the pants. (probaly should be top priority before she out grows it.
12)15) bachelor button fairy quilt. embroirdrey and applique done and half pieced
13)16) fairy book. half the pages quilted. then needs either button holes for the ribbon or eyelets for the ribbon to be tied together.
14)17) christmas fairy quilt applique done needs final assembly
1518) bebekins alphabet quilt. half quilted.
19) Quilted books. I have three half sewn and need final edge stitching and making it a book type deal I have about 4 more that are cut out and need sewing and stuffs.
20) stuffed salmon they are cute out and needs stuffing and closing of the fish.
16)21) cousins matching octopi quilts. have cut and partially pieced Not sure if this counts as one project or two since there are two quilts for the twins.
17)22) space quilt 1 needs sashing and then quilting
18)23) growth chart wall hanging. needs quilting.
19)24) strip quilt experiment. I should just make it into a table runner and be done with it.

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