Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stuff and Stuff

I havn't blogged in a while and lots of stuff has happened.

two weeks ago was the Northern New Mexico Quilt show.  I saw the machine of my dreams the Horizon 7700.  now need to come up with the money to acquire it.  it is a very lovely machine.  The quilt show would have been better if my daughter was in a better mood for the show.  we got there right as she wanted to eat and then nap so there was lots of screaming and the dramatic throwing her self on the floor, and the trying to touch the quilts with her ever sticky fingers and having to play with everything in the vendor booths.  yeah.  I wish I could have had more time to look at the quilts.  I did find two that were good inspiration.  though I think I only got a picture of one.   the baby was being a pain so I kinda threw the camera at my mom and said photograph that please.  so I am not even sure I got a good picture of it.

we left the quilt show and fed the baby.  she promptly fell asleep in the car.  and slept the 2 hours more we were in the car as we drove to taos.  it was a lovely lovely day in northern new mexico.  the trees were starting to turn up in the mountains so there was valleys of red and gold streaking the mountains we drove past.  The leaves hadn't turned near where we were.  Bebekins woke up as we got into Taos.  the lovely gps took us the stupid baby route to get to the wool festival but we made it there in the end.  

The first thing we looked at when we go to the festival was the animals.  the baby enjoyed being able to pet all of the animals.  they didn't have any of the rabbits in the animal area.  They were all at vendors booths for sale, so we found those later.  So much yarn so many pretty colors.  and some of it came home with me. bebekins was totally fascinated by watching people spin yarn.  Just totally fascinated.  we might have a spinner in her.   we found a booth that had angora bunnies and the baby fell in love with them.  just totally in love.  we let her pet them for 10 minutes or so.  and we tried to move on.  we get a couple booths further down and she slips our grasp and makes a break for it back to the bunnies.  she ran right past the bunnies and keeps running through the festival groups yelling bunny bunny bunny.  so we go back to the bunnies and while she is there petting the bunnies I ended up giving in and purchasing a skein of 100% cashmere lace yarn.  it is all green and gold and brown and soft and luminescent.    I think I am going to knit either the frozen leaves shawl or the brandywine shawl with it off of ravelry.  I only got one skein of it cause it was pricey but between the colors and the softness it came home with me.  I think the bebe would have rather me bring home one of the bunnies.  The other big purchase we made was of a skein of wool silk blend to jumper dress for the bebe.  it is a lovely blue purple green variegated yarn by Brooks Farm Yarn.  It is knitting up beautifully.  I am using the Swinging Summer Shell by the Knitting Fairy.  I decided to knit it in the round and also modify the pattern to make it jumper dress length for the baby.  The baby got a hold of the skein and shook it enough to totally tangle it.  it took me 2 days to untangle the 400 yards.   I cast it on last Friday and am out 10 inches into the sweater.  this yarn knits up beautifully.  it has lovely drape and is all shiny.

The Same weekend I started out cutting out the large fish quilt.  it takes soooooooooooooooooooo long to cut out that much fabric even when you are using fairly large pieces.  it took three solid evenings of cutting to cut the main body of the quilt out.  I haven't even touched cutting out the the borders yet.  I took a slight hiatus from that to make a new purse.  found a pattern I liked had the fabric.  followed the instructions and it called for lining all of the outside panels with peltex.  finished the purse and and totally totally hate it.  I mean totally hate it.  don't get me wrong the purse is super cute but so insanely stiff that I don't like it.  so I started it again and instead of using peltex used a really drapey batting and free motion quilted the outer panels so it will have the same weight as using the peltex but not the stiffness.  I am much happier with the results but haven't finished the purse yet. 

In midst of making the purse I had to go get more green top-stitching thread.  and when I was at the store I found the remaining bold of the fish fabric in black that I thought they were out of a couple weeks ago.  I bought the rest of the bolt.  It was a happy day.    happy happy day.  I think I now have enough of the black to do both fish quilt borders.  and that is what I needed to get me to work on the large fish quilt.  I started sewing last night and I broke the quilt into 16 sections.  I started sewing the first round of seams and only got through 10 of 16 sections.  still have to press all of those seams.  going to take forever...  and I have to take another hiatus from the fish quilt as I need to make my husband a ninja costume for a costume contest he wants to be in.  and I have till oh about next wednesday to finish it.  tonight we are going shopping for the fabric we need.