Sunday, April 17, 2011

finished tops, projects and other such stuff ie eye candy

So it has been a while.  spring fever i guess just way too hard to sit in front of the computer when i have quilt ideas pouring out of my head faster than I can work on them.  

mid march we went to pick up my trout quilts from the long arm quilter.  I was trying to document them with some nice photos and bebegirls was being as bad as a cat about helping.  so here is the sequence of photos.  

1 the obligatory out of focus shot 

2 ooooh mom is doing something interesting i must get involved

3  and now i got to help

4 now you are trying to photograph the big quilt.  my assistance is defiantly needed.

this is what 750 ft feet of binding look like all nicely wrapped up ready to be sewn on.   The current status is binding is sewn on the front of the king sized quilt and I have two sides hand sewing the finish

Last weekend I made my totally horse obsessed bebegirls a zebra print dress.  The pattern is Macy Giggles by Izzy and Ivy.  the skirt flares out so nicely when bebegirls spins

So I mentioned the quilt ideas flowing out of my head faster than i can sew or have time to sew.  so here are some of the works in progress as I am working on them.  and I have two more fairy quilts in mind and a castle quilt

horsey quilt for bebegirls birthday.  mostly have to work on it after bed time as you can see her help again.  i am going to put the borders on after she goes to bed tonight.

this is a wall hanging.  the quilt really is square the carpet is lumpy making it look lumpy

and now for the bestest quilt ever

isn't it pretty.  and it came to me before coffee on a Sunday morning.

Now to decide which border to go with.