Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures and Musings

So I took some pictures. Here is Lola in Folklorica.

Here is a bag I made using a pattern I got from the moda bake shop. I used a frolic charm pack. I modified the corners a bit and marvelously my netbook fits in it brilliantly. so I have some more ideas to use a similar style as the carrying case for my netbook. I am having some issues with the binding on the previously mentioned netbook sleeve. more the binding is not laying like I want it to given the number of layers and the foam causing it to poof out and it looks fine pinned in place but is rough to hand sew it in place. I am thinking I could modify this bag into a marvelous lappy case. I will add a zipper along the top and I will put batting on both sides and a layer of the closed cell foam between it. I might do something silly like put iron on vinyl on the back to add some water proofing and some stiffness. but that is where I ran into issues with the previous case was the very heavy stiff waterproof canvas I used as a backing to the lining fabric.

here is baby girl in the dress I made. the picture is horrible I was trying to take it with my phone and her on the go. we finished her dress last friday and we finished two of the quilts for the twin cousins she is getting for her birthday. sorry don't have pictures of those. They are frayed edge flannel quilts. I made to previously for the bebekins and they are some of her favorite quilts. she has one at home and one at grandmas. anyway she got to wear the dress to the baby shower on saturday and show it off.

so many ideas so little time. I have the starting of a pattern for Baby Girls Dinosaurs Parade quilt drawn out and the fabric for the side 9 patch in it cut out. I have friends coming over for a sewing night tonnight. may or may not acutally get anything done. I might finish the pillow to go with the cat quilt I made mom for chirstmas. that way I could get them out of the house and space for more projects. I really need to get some UFOs done before I start something new. but I got three projects finished in the last week so I think I should still finish the petite rose fairy quilt before I start something new, but I want to start the dino quilt.

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