Tuesday, March 2, 2010

project updates

So many projects so little time. I got the laptop case partially done. I have to finish the binding and then it will be done. it is quite nice. haven't finished the binding cause I got distracted with ooh shiny . we went to the store to get the zipper for the case and the bebekins fell in love with this sparkley ladybug fabric so I got some and then had to find a project to use it in. specifically a project for her. I looked around and finally picked out a pattern by izzy and ivy Macy giggles and going to use the ladybug for the skirt. and make her a matching purse with lola goes shopping also by izzy and ivy. so we got the patterns and the fabric and wow lola is huge, I could fit the bebekins in lola. I finished lola for me in the folklorica fabrics. it is gorgeous and huge. I really need to take pictures. so for the bebekins we went to kinkos reduced the pattern by 50% and a much better size for an almost 2 year old to play with. we have the dress and bag patterns cut out. tonights project hopefully be to finish the gathers on the skirt. That is if I don't get distracted by the bebekins or the husband or mass effect 2.

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