Monday, March 29, 2010

Silk and more silk

The sillk dyeing went really well this weekend. I got some Jacquard procion MX which is a cold water dye that can be used for silk. you add some vinegar to the mixture to make it an acid dye. I also got some Jacquard Green Lable Silk Dye. It can be heat set or it can be set with dyeset. I heat set it steaming it in the microwave instead of on the stove. I got some wonderfuly luminous colors. I was going for pastel springy colors not the really really vibrant bright colors. I dyed the fabric in 4 yardish incriments. I am going to use the yellow, orange and orangy reds to make a sunflower quilt. The pink is going to be backing for my rose fairy quilt. I think it will be become baby girls. she spent so much time this weekend rolling in the silk.

The pink silk I dyed with Rosey Petal RIT dye, using 1 cup of vinegar in the dye bath.  I did this in the wash machine and there are about 9 yards of the silk that I did all at once.  it dyed true to the package and is the right rosey pink to match the rose flower fairies

There are two greens shown here.  two diffrent dye types, same color, same fabric.  the olivey color is a kelly green RIT dye with the vinegar.  The springy green is the kelly green Jacquard green label silk dye microwave steamed.  this just shows the difference between they dye type can make.

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