Monday, March 22, 2010


That is a good description of the weekend.  the baby and the husband are both sick.  bebekins has had it since last week and husband started coming down with it saturday.  it all exhausted me.  I did on saturday dump all of my fabric of all my little stashes around the house and sort it nicely by color into tubs. A) I have alot of fabric. and b) I know I like blue and green but seriously I have about 8 time the blue fabric of what I have of red, orange and yellow combined.  can you tell what colors I don't like. and I have almost as much green fabric as I have blue fabric.  I got one UFO done this weekend and that was to finish the stuffed salmon for the bebekins.  she loves shishies (fishies) and has been playing with it alot this weekend.  at least she hasn't tried to put it in with the actually shishes I am not sure they would like a 2.5ft salmon swimming with them.
I took the morning off of work to take care of the poor sick ones.  and they are both sleeping still.  eventually the bebe will wake up and I will take her to grandmas and have to go into work my self.  I did figure out last week how to fix the v1 of the laptop case to make it work I think.  the prototype of v2 came out wonderful as I discussed in the last post.  I need to make a second one to photograph as I make so I can illustrate the pattern.  I cut the pieces last week and was going to work on it this weekend but didn't get there.  by the time I could sew yesterday I was entirely too tired to do much except sit and stare at the wall.  I feel like such a slacker for not getting anything done. but I did get stuff done.  I got the fabric sorted and I got one thing checked off the list of stuff that needs to get done.  I just didn't accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.

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