Friday, March 12, 2010

So is it a new project if I finish it in one night?

I stayed home yesterday cause I was felling crappy. I have the upper resp cold going around. enough to make you feel miserable but not really sick. So I spent part of the working on some projects. I finished the outfit for the bebekins. one UFO down, still way too many to finish. I made the outfit big enough for her to be able to wear it this summer. The pants are supposed to be capri length not ankle length. though I will say I did add about two inches in length to both the top and the pants, since she is so tall for her age. she is a sweety. Notes on the project. the directions to make the yoke. dumbest instructions ever. I am not happy with the way it came out. I would have done it differently and would have had a better finished look. only I realized this after I had done way too many seams to want to undo them and then do the whole thing my way. also invisible zipper feet wow they make putting an invisible zipper in so much easier. if I do this more often I should get a metal one over the plastic one I got for like $2. the plastic one works but I didn't like the way it kept moving around on me.

So once we finished the outfit. I didn't pick up a UFO I started a new project. but does it really count on my no new projects diet till I finish some of the UFOs. so I finished a project. one to check off the list. and it is a cute little tote bag for the babykins to carry her crayons and coloring books in. it has lots of pockets for her to put things in. including individual pockets to hold 8 crayons or colored pencils or markers. or as a bag for her to randomly put her toys in and play. She could also use it as a cute little bag to put her stuff in when she starts pre-school this summer. I love the fabric I used. it is timeless treasures fabric. and great for a toddler play bag.

side with two small pockets

side 2. strip has slots of 8 crayons with a small
pocket in the center

I am going to try to knock some more projects off of the list. I am thinking of 1)fixing the binding on the bebekins octopus quilt 2) finishing at least the treasure bears book, 4) the pillow to match the quilt for mom 4) rose fairies. granted I am feeling well enough to be back at work but still terribly crappy. I am not sure how much energy I will have. but at least there is a goal list

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