Monday, March 15, 2010

thinking a project through

I got several unfinished projects done this weekend or at least progress on some of them.  I went to the store to get some stuff I need to finish some of the projects, and I came up with so many more ideas.

I posted about the V2 and V3 of the fairy totes I was making.  they had got put to the side as I got distracted with ooooh shiny new project.  I suffer alot from the ooooh shiny, and I want to try this new idea or that new idea.  I went back to work on them this weekend.  and I modified the construction half way through.  I finished the smaller pink one for the bebekins and realized at three points through it I should have changed the construction as this point and that point through the progress.  so while the adage measure twice cut once is a good one but doesn't work quite as well when you change how are you doing things partially through the project.  the bag is still cute and if you arn't me you might now notice the problems

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