Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lappy case V2

So v2 much more sucessful. and while doesn't include my favorite flower fairies, the Eden fabric I used is super cute. I got about 80% of the way done with v1 and ran into a ton of constructions problems. and it wasn't going together how I wanted it. so I went back to the drawing board. I ran across a cute little pattern for a reversible purse and wow it fits my netbook almost perfectly. modifying the pattern to add a zipper makes it not reversible but I wanted the zipper cause more secure to me to keep the lappy safe in the case in my purse. I lined the back of the outer back of the outer fabric with a iron on vinyl backing to keep water out of the lappy case. cause well I have a 2 year old and well water proof is good. there are stitch holes around the edge so can't guarentee its 100% water proof but water resistant enough to keep spilled liquids/rain out of my lappy as I go some where. I also put 1/4in closed cell foam between the outer fabric and the lining as the main protection for the laptop. it is the standard foam used in many commercial laptop cases. I then put 1/8in loft cotton bamboo batting behind the lining fabric to add a small amount of extra soft padding for the lappy. my laptop measures 10x7x1 and the finished case is 12x9x1 well 2 if the lappy is in it. I am going to try to make the pattern for my larger laptop and see how the pattern transitions to a larger size. it is 14x10x2

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