Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

In a couple posts ago I mentioned the double up of green fish fabric and no red/orange fish fabric.  I set time aside to go to Santa Fe to get some of the orange/red fabric.  I knew they had gotten a new bolt of it and the green in.  It wasn't hard to talk my mom in to going to Santa Fe as well.  She does fused glass art among other things.  In Santa Fe they have a Bulleye glass resource center, and they were having a big sale over the weekend.  

Bebekins does really well in the car and travels remarkably well for some one who is 2.  Sunday was not one of those days.  After an hour in the car she was done.  We first stop at Santa Fe Quilting, and she just wants to run and not be cooped up.  She wasn't too badly behaved, till we went back to the car.  She didn't want to be put back in her car seat.  I ended up taking her to the park and sent grandma over to the glass store.   They just finished redoing the area around the train station in Santa Fe and put in this incredible park next to it.  The park has a water play area, a fantastic slide and rock climbing area and a rope jungle gym.  All of which had to be explored by bebekins.  Being a little baby dousing rod, we first went to the water play area.  It was a beautiful early fall day in northern New Mexico.  Still too hot for comfort (about 95), but a nice breeze and intensely clear blue skies.  The perfect day to play in the water.

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