Monday, September 13, 2010

bad weekend for crafty goodness.

So the last post had pictures of the lovely trout fabric I absolutely love.  I have been looking at different patterns and planning on a quilt to use the fish.  I went back to an old favorite in terms of patterns and am going to use perfect ten by swirly girl designs.  so I went about getting the rest of the fabric I need.

Disaster 1)  I order some of the green fish and the red fish on line.  and cause I ordered them from two different places and through not paying attention I ended up ordering 5 yards of green  not 2.5 yards of green and 2.5 red.

Disaster 2)  I went to the store in town that had the fish in black cause I wanted extra to fussy cut the border.  they have sold out of the black.  evidently it is a very popular fabric cause when I go back to get more from local stores they have sold out.  this isn't the first time with this fabric that this has happened.

Disaster 3)  so I am making a striped cardigan for the bebekins.  I am reading the pattern it says at 6 inches divide the stitches to make the front and back.  I though that is awfully short  but ok.  I went ahead and made it 7.5 inches. and then I keep knitting I knit the first panel of the front and I hold it up to my daughter.  the cardigan is plenty big enough to go around her   but it is just way way to short.  my daughter is 2 years 4 months and verging on giant.   so I am trying to figure out in what world this length of this cardigan is 4t. I ended up ripping out what I did down to the arm holes and adding another color repeat and then going to reshape the arm holes.  this will make the arm holes 10 inches from the bottom.   seriously if I am going to make something for the bebekins I want it to fit her for more than 5 minutes.  she does have two younger cousins that it can be passed down to but still  

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