Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Version or Small version

I love the perfect 10 pattern by swirly girls design.  it is a fantastic pattern for large print fabrics.  but the problem with it is that it is a throw size, a very large throw size.  so when it came to making the fishy quilt I have in mind I pulled the pattern out and began to draft up my quilt.  so here is the throw size with the fabric laid out sans the borders.  finished it will finish out about 60x72 inches, and I was pretty close on the pattern the past two times I used it.

Here it is in a more useable size.  I doubled the pattern width wise and added a fourth row of elements to the bottom.  It should finish in the range of 92x112 to 100x120 depending on how I do the borders.  smaller if I do a single border and larger if I do a double border.  either way big enough to fit my king size bed.

So which size should I make and would my husband totally revolt to sleeping under a giant fishy blanket.  or do I say yes and make both and have a matching throw to match out bed blanket?

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