Saturday, September 25, 2010

borders, borders and more borders

 I decided to make both versions of the fish quilt. I love the fabric that much.  I started the small version first.  I finished peicing it this morning.   sorry about the lens flare on the first picture too windy in the sun less so in the shade. but you can see the bright sun over the edge of the wall.

Right before the wind ripped it off the wall.  after the third time it happened I gave up and moved to the grass.

So here is where I am at now.   the pattern directions call for a 6 in border around the quilt.  I have made this pattern twice before and the border is nice but kinda plain and kinda over powering.  I am going to use the trout on a black fabric for the border.  but then I was thinking I could do a 2in inner border of the blue waves. and either 4in  or 6 in outer border in the black trout.   

Again it was windy so my quilt was having a hard time staying in one place.

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