Friday, May 14, 2010

week in review

so the day after my inlaws leave last week my husband says I think I am developing allergies cause I feel like crap.  he is miserable for a couple days and sunday morning I wake up with that fell of I am coming down with something.  it sits there in my lungs for a couple days.  between my husband and the bebekins who catches it as well, they are up all night coughing and keeping me awake.  and in the end I am totally sick.  I took a day off work yesterday and didn't even have a chance to enjoy my sick day cause I spent most of the day asleep on the couch.  totally an upper respiratory cold and one that makes you feel unproprotianly miserable for how sick you actually are.

So despite all of this here is what I have been up to.  Friday night I finished the quilt top for a friends baby.  and I cut out the binding for the quilts I had long armed. I showed the quilt top to my mom and she looked at it and said wow that is bright I think I need sunglasses to look at it.
Here is a picture I took before I put the pieced border on and then another yellow border then a pink border.      I haven't felt like arguing with the baby over the big camera if I get it out to do some photography.  She thinks I should let her play with the dslr, and I don't think she should cause I don't want her to drop it and break it.  or even sticky up the buttons with her sticky little fingers.

Then saturday I packed grandma and the bebekins in the car and we drove up to Santa Fe to pick up the quilts from the long arm quilter.  the quilts came out wonderful.  I used flannel on the back of the pink quilt and some lovely green silk on the green quilt.   oh they are going to be lovely.  when I got home with them on Saturday I trimmed the quilts and squared them up.  I have the binding cut out and pressed for the pink quilt.   The goal for tonight is to get the binding sewn on pink quilt and then cut and press the binding for the green quilt.  I also have to sew a wall hanging strip on the back of both quilts when I do the binding.  Bebekins is going to use the pink one on her bed for a while but when she out grows the toddler bed I think it would make a nice wall hanging for her.  especially since the final goal is to make 4 matching quilts.  pink for spring, yellow for summer,  orange brown for fall and christmasy for winter.  and that way you can swap them out as wall hanging or bed blankets by season.  Sunday was mothers dad and my husband drew his hand on a sheet of paper and the bebekins hand over his.  it was very sweet.  then we went to lunch and had a good time with my bother and sister in law and my mom.  it was my brother and sister-in-laws first mothers day.  the twins were still in the hospital last Sunday so they were kinda sad having mothers day with out the bebes.  After lunch grandma took the bebekins to go play and my husband too me to see Iron Man 2.  we got there early and stuff and I went in to get seats cause it was a holiday and opening weekend and we had a whole bunch of friends come as well.  I am sitting in the theater hand piecing one of the block for the pinwheel sampler and one of our friends leans over me and tells my husband you don't take you wife out enough she is sewing in the movie theater.  my husband kinda shrugs and says she will sew where she wants to sew.  I point out that what else am I going to do to keep my hands busy while I wait for every one to show up.

I have spent at least 15 minutes every day hand piecing my pinwheel blocks. and it is going I am on block 5 now.  I am going to do the pinwheels as quilt as you go.  I spent some time this week laying out arrangement for the pinwheels and have a map for that.  and I picked out a quilt design to do the quilting.  and I have three lined up to quilt tonight after I do the binding on the other quilts.  granted this will all be if I can stay awake that long and not go to bed after I convert the babys bed to a toddler bed and get her down for the night.  did I mention she can vault over the railing now and let her self out of her room?  yeah that happened this morning.

Next month the husband and I are going to go to an anime convention in dallas, and he wants a costume for it.  and being creative I said I can help him make it.  and so he thinks about it and stuff and between the two of us come up with a fantastic idea for a costume.  so instead of doing my normal sewing day tuesday night I spend the evening designing his costume and figuring out the logistics of it.  If I am going to put the time and effort into the costume, it will be one that will win the costume competition, should he decided to enter it.  I think I all of the nuances to perfect the costume in my head.  I sent him off to the store with list of I need these things to start making the head and tomorrow I am going to make him go to the fabric store with me to pick out the minkee we need for the suit.  I decided minkee over heavier fur cause well it will be June and Dallas and my husband is already always hot and I really don't want him passing out from heat exhaustion.  and it will be modular so he can wear half the costume and shorts to get some cooling.

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