Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so I have been slacking in writing posts.  I havn't been slacking as much on sewing.  May went by too fast then it was vacation time.

I finally got over the cold that my husband shared with me.  it was so not fun.  it took me like two weeks to get over.

I worked on alot of projects since my last post. worked on the scriffly quilt for my nephew.  worked on hand piecing the pinwheels.  and realized if I made the quilt 36 blocks instead of 25 it would be big enough to fit on my king sized bed.  which I really like that idea.  so I think that is what I will do.  but I have also toyed with the notion of making it 49 blocks and then we would have enough extra that my husband would have some quilt left over then I steal all of the blanket cause I am cold.  I currently have 13 block patterns for the 25.  12 blocks that have 2 of each one red and one blue and then the 13th is the center block with half red and half blue.  if I do 36 then I can do 3 blocks of each pattern. and 6 of the blocks with have 2blue and 1 red and the other 6 would be 2 reds and one blue.  if I go with 49 blocks I would do 4 sets of each blocks two reds and two blues.  Any of the ways I go.  I have 12 blocks done. and 4 of them are quilted.  As tonight is a quilting night I will probably work on quilting some more of the blocks as well as ironing the paper templates on the pieces for the next block.

My husband is a totally into anime. and our vacation was going to an anime convention.  He wanted a kick ass costume for it.  and we spent some time thinking about it and picked out a character. and while the fabric and I fought tooth and nail the whole time. I got a significant amount done before we left.  and I have a lot to learn about costuming. I learned alot at the convention about costuming and going to redo the costume for the next convention so it comes off better.

adventure in to crochet.  I never really learned to crochet or knit.  bebekins learned how to open doors knobs and deadbolts so we had to do something.  I had heard about crochet door knob covers to keep small children from opening doors.  so I went to joann got some lovely yarn and some hooks.  found some youtube videos and set about to learning.  I got some made and we put them on doors at grandmas.  It took bebekins something like 20 minutes to figure out how to defeat the crochet door knob covers.  Alas I gave up on the project and got plastic ones which are harder for her to defeat.  she has defeated one of them by popping it off but hasn't seemed to generalize.

Vacation report - we went picked up my sister in law and dropped the bebe off with grandparents and went to the anime convention.  it was hot we had a good time. the disaster happened at home while we were gone. so I had a lovely square 50 gallon reef aquarium.  it was three years old.  all the corals that were in there I grew to huge specimens from small frags.  I had a dinner plate size long tentical anemone.  it was a very healthy tank.  the heat wave hit while we were gone and it got way way to hot and at the same time the ventui on the protien skimmer clogged. and OMG the smell.  Think sulphur hot spring mixed with rotting fish left in the sun.  think salton sea during a fish kill in the summer.  think complete and total devistation.  I am pretty sure I have lost everything in the tank.  A couple of the corals may survive but I am giving them about 20% chance of survival.  water changes and time will tell if anything will survive.  three nearly 100% water changes last night and all the doors and windows open have made it so you can walk into the house and not gag.  another day of having the doors and windows open should clear up the remainder of the smell and running the micron carbon water polish should help clear up the remaining cloudyness on the reef tank so I can look at the sad devastated tank, and help it recover.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you've created! Post pics! Thanks for sharing your blog with us.