Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yesterday was the bebekins second birthday.  her birthday party was last Saturday.  and for her birthday my husbands parents have come out to visit.  it has been like a 4 day long birthday bash.  and I have been working and getting everything organized.  It is exhausting.  I could use I really nice nap right now.

Monday afternoon about 20 minutes after my boss left for Santa Fe the long arm quilter called to tell me my quilts are ready to be picked up.  I could have picked them up and filed the work documents at the same time.  alas  it is ok I will have to wait till Saturday, and she did call in the middle of the baby's portrait session so I wouldn't have wanted to miss that anyway.  I am excited they are done.  I still have to do the binding.  easy peasy I might be able to have the one done for grandmas mothers day present.  the babys can get done after that.

I have been keeping up on my may mayhem.  I have two seams left to piece the second block on the pinwheel sampler.  going to finish it tonnight and start on the next block tonnight.

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