Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eye Candy

I had a hard time motivating my self to do anything last night.  I sat in front of the computer and had to fight the lethargy and get my sewing machine out.  I finally did and I finished this top last night.  I need to come up with a better name for it than  "valentine's day puked up."  the pattern is petite autumn fairies. and I was calling it petite rose fairies till I started piecing it.  I am not a pink person.  I wanted to put on the invitations for the bebekins baby shower if you get me something pink you will be shot.  I also though about putting its a boy when we knew it was a girl, just so I wouldn't be overwhelmed by pink.

So then you might ask why did you just make a pink quilt for your baby girl.  yeah good question.  I love the Michael Miller Flower fairies so much that I though it would be a good idea and I really like this quilt top cause I really like the fairies.  The fairies as so sweet.    I am hoping to take it to the local long arm quilter this weekend to have it quilted, cause well my skills just not up to par to match this quilt.  and while I could wait and build up my skills at free motion it will be alot longer than I want to wait.  that and it is an easy way to get the quilt finished so I can tuck baby girl into bed with it.  I made this weekend two pillow cases to match it.  both have the edging of roses and an accent of the pale green,  the main body of one is the darker green fairy frost of the quilt and the main body of the other is the soft ballet/bubblegum pink that I am using as the backing.  I also finished the tote bag to match it a while ago.  currently though it is being used to store my stabilizers and batting pieces and such, so I don't have a picture of it.  I need to do some more spring cleaning and organization to get to it and get it usable.

so here is another side project I finished.  I tried my hand at english paper piecing and made a grandmas flower garden table runner.  I have a square kitchen table and a toddler that likes to pull on things.  square makes it so she can't pull stuff as easily.   I am happy with it other than sayng GAAHHHH I made a terrible choice in the color of thread I used to quilt this.  and when you are using a paper template for the quilting and sew over it, don't use blue painters tape, it will gum your thread and pull the threads as you try to get it off.  I think next time I am going to try scotch tape and see how that goes.


I made it reversible so if you don't want hexagons you can have squares.  I like it.  I think it came out reasonably well.  I still rate my free motion skills at a c+ maybe a b-.  you at at least tell they are supposed to be butterflies and that my stitches are relatively straight and you can tell what the pattern was, but I did terrible about traveling along an already quilted path and my stitches are fairly uniform on one line but that line may not match the line next to it.  practice practice practice and I need more of it and on quilts when I am done with them I don't have to keep looking at them.  I have some baby quilts in the works, for just such practice.


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