Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and such.

With easter I didn't get much done this past weekend other than acquire a new iron. Last week with out my iron I started a grandmas flower garden table piece, move of a square candle mat or large trivet than a table runner. it will be 16 x 16 finished. I used english paper piecing for this cause I could sew my fabric to the template and then not have to worry about ironing the top till I was done, and gave me something sewing crafty to do till I could go get an iron. My inlaws came into town over the weekend to play with the bebekins, so with them in town I couldn't really set up the sewing machine and work on some of my other quilts over the weekend cause well there just wasn't space in the living room. the English paper piecing makes hand piecing a cinch. I loved it. I got the whole top piece done over the weekend and it came out really well. Then in figuring out how to quilt the little piece I came across inspiration on how to quilt two of the tops I have done and basted to their batting and backs and have sat for a couple months cause I have had no idea how to quilt them. I have thought about stitch in the ditch and wanted something more than that for these two quilts. I actually came up with quilting ideas for at least 4-5 quilts so now I just have to do it. The two big quilts are going to be at the end so I can practice the free-motion quilting on quilts I don't care about as much first. I am particularly needing to work on maintaining an even stitch length.

I am pretty sure my babble is pretty much incomprehensible today. sorry. there is a fine line between not enough medication to make me feel better, enough medication to make my allergies go away and too much and being in the groggy trying to not fall asleep on the keyboard. I usually err on the side of not enough when I am at work. Stupid plants. I am usually only bothered about 1 month a year so it isn't too bad but during that month it still sucks.

I am off to the library to go pick up some books on sashiko.

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