Monday, April 26, 2010

What have I been up to

I was doing a lot of quilty not a lot of writey.   so I mentioned in my last post the pink quilt top is finished.  the bebe and I felt lazy and took a day off of work and I finished a green one in the same pattern for my mom for mothers day and 2/3rds of a top for one of the twins.  I took the green and pink top up to the long arm quilter a week ago.  it will have them done in a couple weeks,  not before the bebekins birthday maybe by mothers day.   I was very nervous about taking my quilt tops up to the long arm quilter.  I was worried she would hate my tops and she would find all of these technical problems with my quilts blah blah blah and my quilts wouldn't be good enough and I suck at quilting ect.   

I went and picked up grandma and we got the bebe packed in the car and drove to santa fe.  we were suffering from spring delusions.  where you walk out side dressed for warm weather and it is windy and overcast and 60 degrees.  The long arm quilter lives out side santa fe in a historic rural compunity where lots of people have horses and cows and such.  The bebekins insisted that the horses and cows were all JoeJoes  (the name of her dog).  big giant dogs.  it was all rather cute and some days you can't argue with an almost 2years.  The long arm quilter liked my quilt tops and it was all good.  while we were up in santa fe we visited the quilt store up there.  it was quite wonderful.  we also went to the JoAnn up there and found the most lovely fabric to make a smock with for the bebekins to wear  at preschool while doing messy activities.  it is lemons and limes 

so this past week I made the smock for the bebekins, I put iron on vinyl on the white and yellow and green.  cause really making a smock out it other wise is just stupid.  it came out lovely and it is the bebekins new favorite article of clothing cause of the huge pockets that you can put a lot of cool things in.  I have a picture her wearing it, but the camera is not with me to down load. One of my friends came over this week for quilting night and that was fun.  we haven't done it in a couple weeks and it was good to do it, even though I was sewing the smock not quilting.  

I finished the quilt top for the girl twin and got about 1/3 of the way through the quilt top for the boy twin.  which is a good thing as the twins were born at 9:19 last night.  welcome to the world twins.  mom was having some complications so they came a bit early and a bit tiny but every one is doing well this morning.  they have enough tiny baby quilts so having the other quilts in a couple weeks won't hurt anything.  the girls quilt matches bebekins quilt, but is purple.  the boys quilt is a Scriffly quilt.  I am using the Moda Cherish Nature fabrics.  I think they will be wonderful quilts for them. and and about 50 x 50 and 55 x 55  they will be good size quilts till the babies get to be descent sized.

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