Monday, November 21, 2011


Last week was a rough week with long days, missing the bebegirls, and what was probably a sinus infection.  My mom called up and said hey want to go to Santa Fe.  I decided getting up and going would be better than sitting on the couch with a headache.  At least it was doing something.  The trip was mostly just to go some where.  We got to Santa Fe and saw signs for a clay sale.  As my mom is a potter we went.  It was a nice find.  We did a lot of our usual stops up there, Santa Fe Clay, Looking Glass yarn, Santa Fe Quilting.   With out the bebegirls we didn't do our other stops like the fabulous park or Whole Foods for lunch.  I didn't find what I was looking for at SF quilting but I found something even better.  I found these.

I picked out some fat quarters to go with it and then started with the free andover pattern using these fabrics and heavily modified it.  in the end you will be able to see it is related but only kinda sorta.

I got through the cutting funk!!!! I actually cut out all of the pieces and got to the piecing stage.

and here is the pile of sewing pieces ready to be ironed.  I don't know if the funk will continue on the other quilts but it felt good to be back at the sewing machine.  might not be as awesome tonight as I have to iron all of those pieces.  ah who cares.  the quilt is going to be awesome.

On other Quilty news.  I finally got the fish quilt on our bed.  on my side I have the throw size and then the big quilt over it.  it is so warm and cozy and wrapped in bright and cheery fish. it is so lovely. 

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