Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trying to Break out of my quilting funk

So I am trying to break the funk. Really it isn't a quilting funk it is a cutting funk.  At the moment to get momentum on any of the current project it requires cutting.  So  I pulled out a panel out of the stash to make an advent/nativity wall hanging for the bebegirls.  Really now is the time to do it, ya know say oh before advent which is why it has been in the stash for a year cause I missed advent last year.  it is a good free motion practice because so far it involved I think two cuts.  one to cut animals and people off the bottom of the panel  and then to cut the backing fabric to roughly the right size.  I will have to square it up after I finish quilting. and then cut out all of the animals and people but that is scissor work not rotary cutter work.  As it is it is just a sit down and sew now project, it is moving faster than the non existent movement on the cutting.  Bebegirls is off visiting her Texas grandparents until Thanksgiving so I have some extra time so I got to break this funk.

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