Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fairy swoon

I havn't written anything in ages cause well I didn't have much to say. and then the holidays came and went and vacation to italy came and went. some tops got completed, and more quilty ideas than I can shake a stick at. seriously I need more hours in the day to get them all done. it would be ok if I completed a top and got an idea for a new quilt. instead it is well you have done one quilt top now are six more ideas. fully formed ones complete with the color choices and everything else fully formed. eventually I will go back and show pictures of what I have completed in the past 5 months.

Ok ok here is one finished top.  It is for bebegirls, as if you couldn't tell by the horses.

instead of dealing with that now I am going to start again and here is a new project.

fairy swoon quilt.

I didn't believe how much background yardage this quilt would actually use till I completed block one. I knew these blocks are large going into it. but wow they are big blocks when you finish them. and this one is pretty spectacular. I am going to keep the same center fairy star with a different fairy in each one. I have 8 more pinks, purples, peaches and whites for the flowery part of the swoon block.

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