Monday, August 1, 2011

project update

I have done a fair amount of sewing but here is the problem  when you are making a gazillion hexies well 109 hexies and 24 half hexies and all of them get black sashing before sewn together it takes along time.  so I have 9 blocks to finish then I can start the lay out process.  I have been working on some block of the month blocks while I am chain pieces and my pinwheel block swap pieces.

I also finished the binding on two quilts last week.   I finished the first one on monday night.  tuesday morning I throw it in the wash machine.  bebegirls is standing next to me holding her giraffe and she asks if Raffy could take a bath with my quilt.  I agree cause well his fur was getting a bit stiff.  I come back to check the wash machine and there is stuffing floating at the surface.  Thinking oh no, oh no, my quilt, I pull a hand full out and it is polyester.  Raffy split a seam and coated everything in giraffe guts.  I let the wash machine finish.  and  cleaned it out and threw a second quilt I finished the binding on the next day and it too came out covered in polyester fiber fill.  we will be picking it off our clothes for a while.   Raffy came out of reconstructive surgery and is as good as new and back to being carried around.

Sadly I don't have photos yet of either finished quilt cause when I have had time to take the photos we have had storms and gale force winds.  not nearly enough rain to justify the lots of wind, lots more wind, thunder  and power outages.

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