Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chasing goldfish

I haven't been scuba diving really since before I had my bebegirls.  I have been diving once since she was born but taking an infant diving was rough so I havn't dove in 3 years.  This past week I was chatting with one of my friends who was regaling me with stories of his latest dive trip,  so I say to my brother "hey we should go diving"  in that kinda nebulous well some time way.  between my daughter and his twins figured  it would be some time.  he came back to me and said "saturday."  so that is what we did.    This morning we got up and headed out to Blue Hole.  It really is just a big hole in the groups feed by a spring, but it is the closest diving spot to us.  there isn't a whole lot in the big hole in the ground, 80 feet deep water, some cray fish that will attack you and some gold fish.  we did two dives.  the first one was kinda rough getting my feet wet again so to say.  I had a totally panic attack between 10 feet and 25ft of water.  once I remembered how to breathe it was all good.  the second dive was totally awesome.  went to the bottom didn't see any crayfish then circled the way to the top chasing gold fish and koi.  I think we are going to go again in two weeks.

here is some crazy hair for you.

now to go get some quilting done.

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