Sunday, July 10, 2011

quilty afternoon

DH works Sunday afternoons so the bebekins and I have the house to ourselves.  Today we went swimming and got about 5 minutes worth of rain while we were in the pool and 10 minutes later there was no evidence of rain.  It is a start but really we need a slow drizzle for several days.  Enough for it to soak in and not just run off into the river.

I have no idea if I have talked about this before so if I have pardon me.  DH has this incredible anti sewing machine mojo.  all he has to do is walk into a room and my machine, his friends machines, his moms machines, the machines he was learning on in home ec in school, they just act up and break.  I will be sewing along and he will come home and I will have 2 seams left to do and I will think to my self I will finish these seams and be at a good stopping point.  and those two seams will take forever cause the thread will all of a sudden break and after re threading, I will discover a loose thread has jammed something in the bobbin case.  then something else will happen and instead of taking 5 minutes to wrap up I am putting my machine back together 45 minutes later after I have fixed it.  Heaven forbid what would actually happen if he actually tried to use my machine.  I would make him use the 30 year old kenmore that is built like a tank, but even that one acts up when he is in the room.  he is for sure not allowed to touch my good machine.  well the whole point of this story is I can only sew when DH is not home.  I like quiet afternoons like today when he is at work and the bebegirls and I can set up the machine in my studio aka the living room and get some sewing done.  I have graduated from the dinning room table to a folding sewing table.

Today I assembled 4 of the rosettes for my catan quilt and got half of the sashing on the pieces for the other 2 rosettes.  I am still waiting for the tree and lake fabric to come in.  The rosettes are pretty spectacular.  here are the blue 1001 peeps rosette and the green castle peeps rosette

Then I leave you with this.  Bebegirls wanted to nap and she was wondering around trying places. She tried her bed, mommy's bed and then the couch and then the floor next to the couch.  I came back from getting her a glass of water from the kitchen and she is asleep in the glider.  Well half in the glider.  You would think the couch would be way more comfortable

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