Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow the evil white substance that falls from the sky.

We are on day 4 of closed schools for all of 4 inches of snow where I live. down in the valley there was like only an inch of snow.  tuesday was kinda understandable. the roads were icy and no one in NM knows how to drive in the snow.  But I still had to work cause my boss doesn't believe in snow days.  if he can walk into work then we are expected to be there too. Wednesdays closures were a joke. the roads were bone dry but it was exceedingly cold for here.  The high was 7 degrees the low was like -10 which were record cold temps that day. I know this isn't cold for a lot of the country but damn it it is cold for here.  Thursday the school district couldn't get the buses started. so no school. The cold temps have caused a natural gas shortage in the state so yesterday afternoon the Governor declared a state of emergency and closed non essential state government and the university was closed  and then the city government. today schools, state/city gov, and university are all closed cause of the natural gas shortage. and I still have to be at work cause my boss doesn’t believe in days off.  So instead of getting snow days to stay home and play with bebe and do some quilty/crafty stuff, I went to work and grumbled about it.  I have to mention while this whole weather BS was going on we had the roof mid re-roof at home, so we had no heat.  we had space heaters which did the job to keep us from freezing.  This morning it was warm enough and decent enough weather for the roofers to be back working on the roof.  Never in my life been so glad to smell roofing tar.  but means we might be able to use our heater again this weekend.

I did finish a shawl this week.  I made the wren shawl with some of my hand dyed yarn.  it is an alpaca/merino blend sock yarn.  I think it came out quite nicely.  This morning bebegirls found the shawl blocking on the floor and decided to wear it. so I let her wear it while she was playing in the snow before going over to grandmas.  

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