Monday, February 21, 2011

Doll Quilts, blogiversary and finished objects

This is my blogiverdary post.  I started just about a year ago.  I did 41 posts last year.  this year will try for at least that many

Last week I went to Seattle.  I left the cold state of New Mexico to the slightly warmer state of Washington.  I had two reasons for my journey.  First my best friend lives up there.  I hadn't been to visit her in over three years.  I was pregnant with bebekins last time I was up there.   The husband and the MIL took care of the bebe while I was up there.  The second reason which is what time the trip when it was was Cake was having a concert in Seattle.  I love cake, they are the most awesomest band ever, especially in concert.  the first time I saw them live was on the pier in Seattle the summer I worked at a national monument in Oregon. while I was in Seattle i drug my best friend who is a some times quilter to some quilt stores.  We went to The Needle and I near her place in Everett and then we went to Undercover Quilts in the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  I got some stuff up there.  mostly some random Seattle novelty prints and  and other prints that I haven't seen at home.  I picked up to horse novelty prints for the bebekins.  she is going through a horse obsession.  everything has to be horseys and it is even better if they are zebras.    I was planning on making her some tote bags or something of the like to carry her horseys in.  she helps me unpack and the fat quarters are immediately re appropriated to be blankets for the the horseys.  I took the fat quarters and paired them up with some fat quarters in my stash free motioned quilted them took some extra binding fabric and the bebekins has two doll quilts for her horseys. 

at one of the quilt stores in Seattle i picked up two pillow case kits.  I loved the prints and who can't use more pillow cases.  This weekend I spend an hour and put them together and then the bebekins re-appropriated them for her bed.  That is fine I can use them next time they are washed.  I love both the prints on both of these.  

Back in October Bebekins, Grandma and I went to the Taos Wool Festival  I came back with two lovely skeins of yarn one I made into a jumper dress for the bebekins, the other is a skein of handspun cashmere lace yarn from a farm in Colorado.  I found the right beads to go with it in November and then in January I found the pattern it wanted to be.  the pattern is Ophidian by Sivia Harding.  I spent a month working on it on and off and here it is.  absolutely beautiful. and feather light, and soft as a cloud.  Before it was blocked the bebekins thought it was hers and you can see it on her in one of the horsey pictures. 

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