Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is here

spring comes early in these parts of the world.  The crocuses, daffodils and day lilies are all sticking their heads up.  Driving to Santa Fe yesterday to take my quilts to my long arm quilter up there, the hills were starting to green up, well as green as it ever gets here.  The predominant colors here are dirt with blue skys. Lots of colors of dirt, red, brown, yellow, white, even green and pink dirt.   And rocks lots and lots of rocks easily accessibly.  Good thing when you are a geologist.  but I digress.  I finally got my batting for my large fish quilt and then I got a backing it isn't exactally what I wanted cause they didn't have enough of that.  So I got a beige batik with the thought if I over dye it with a black I could get a really lovely charcoal grey batik.  well it was good intentions.  The Procion MX black dye is a blue based black dye so instead of going grey when diluted it goes umm navy blue. Not really what I was intending.  but in the end the very large whole cloth piece I got for the back of the quilt works with the quilt in it is navy blue-ness.  the batik print still shows through,  so it works.  after quilting and washing it will crinkle up and give it a nice mottled texture for the back of the quilt.  So with a backing and a batting ready, my quilt was ready to go to the long arm quilter. And yesterday that is just what we did.

After dropping the quilt off at the long arm quilter we went to santa fe quilting, and finally 6th store is the charm found water soluble thread to do the trapunto basting for the animals on bebegirls story book farms quilt.  So at the store I went in for a $3.50 item and came out spending $65. as one of my friends pointed out the $40 worth of stuff i bought for the bebegirls doesn't count.  The item I purchased for me were the absolutely incredible quilt blocks from Olde America Antiques.  They are vintage fish prints printed on quilting fabric and they are beautiful.  and I have a wall hanging planned with them.  I then went to the web site and found so many other beautiful prints they have.   so many pretty prints to make my heart sing. 

After the quilt store we got some lunch and took the bebe to the play ground.  we didn't stay long cause a storm was starting to roll in. hence the grey light in the following picture.

and I will leave you with the end result of some of the fabric I got in santa fe yesterday.  Horsey pillow cases for the bebekins.

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