Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Startitis and UFOs

So last week I went through a bout of startitis.  I had a whole bunch of projects that I wanted to do but wasn't starting cause I wanted to finish ufos and wips first.  and it kinda stalled me out.  I was doing stuff but it wasn't accopmplishing finishing the ufos and larger wips.  I was doing stuff I could finish in a day or two. but overall felt stalled out.  so last week I was like lets do this  I want to make x, y, z, p, q, l, and m.  so I started 5 different projects,two knitting projects, two quilty projects and a set of matching tote bags.  and made progress on all of them and on the ufos and wips sitting out there.   The energy for starting the new projects has bled over to the older projects

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