Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Goals

my new years goals ( I like goals better than resolutions) part of this is to write it down and tell other people to help keep me honest.  and I know it is like January 13th and I have been thinking pondering and actually working on some of these already.

1) finish my UFOs that I care about from last year.  this includes the binding on the fairy quilts and fish quilt. and getting the two matching fish quilts and Bebekins brown bear quilt off to the long arm quilter and bound.  then finish piecing the fish quilt for my aunt and uncle, and my fairy quilt ...  there are a lot more UFOs to finish but that is a good start.  I also want to finish the two sweaters I am working on.  I have three other sweaters/cardigans/shells inline for when I am done. but one of the big things I have done is gone through my UFOs and decided which I wanted to finish vs which ones I feel guilty that I should finish cause I started them but then don't really care for them or something.

2) I want to depleate my fabric stash and yarn stash.  I am allowed to buy specific items for a project but not just random buying cause I like something. and new acquisitions will only be purchased if I have a project in mind for it.

3) get better at selling stuff on etsy.  I need to photograph and post stuff and get it up.

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