Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Pattern Friday - Felted Bell Cloche

This is a first attempt to write up a knitting pattern.

200 yards worsted weight feltable wool
this hat is done in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes
size 8 16 in circular needle and a longer one for magic loop or a set of DPNs.
ribbon of coordinating color
optional st markers.  I use them a lot cause it is easier than making a mistake and having to rip back and redo part of it 

CO 160 stitches
join and work in the round.  place marker at join
round 1 k entire round
round 2 p entire round
round 3 k entire round place stitch marker every 16 st
round 4 *k2tog k14*repeat rest of round
round 5-7 k entire round
round 8 *k7 k2tog k6* repeat rest of round
round 9-11 k entire round
round 12 *k2tog k12* repeat rest of round
round 13-15 k entire round
round 16 *k6 k2tog k5* repeat rest of round (120 st)
round 17 k entire round remove st markers
round 18 k entire round
round 19 k entire round  place markers every 20 st
round 20 *k2tog, double yarn over, ssk, k2tog double yarn over ssk k12 * repeat from beginning
round 21 *k2 p1 k3 p1 k13* repeat rest of round
round 22-47 k entire round, round 22 drop st markers,
round 48 k entire round, place st marker every 15 st.  alternate red and blue markers (or what ever color you have)
round 49 (red round decrease one after each red marker) *k15 k2tog k13* repeat rest of round
round 50 (blue round decrease one after each blue marker) *k2tog k13 k14* repeat rest of round
round 51 k entire round
repeat rounds 49-51 until there are 11 st between st markers.
repeat rounds 49 and 50 until there are 7 st between st markers
next round *k2tog k5 * repeat rest of round
continue to decrease until 8 st remain.  break yarn and bind of.

The hat will look funky but after felting it will be awesome.

I machine felted mine in the wash machine.  I felted it for a full cycle to get a nicely dense felt.  check it every 5 minutes during the cycle to see if it fits and if it is felted to your desire.  mine came out of the wash machine pretty much shaped exactly as I wanted it too.  I blocked it by wearing it for the day.  The hat felt dry at that point and was shaped to my head.  The holes knit in, in round 20 will mostly disappear but you can still feel them.  and then you can run a pencil through them to open them up to run the ribbon through.  If you don't wish to add a ribbon the replace rows 20 and 21 k entire round.

I have gotten so many complements on this hat.  It came out fantastic.

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