Friday, August 20, 2010

Not quite sock yarn for a not quite preemie hat.

So the story behind this is I originally cast this on as a draw string bag.  I was play with textures and such.  I even made the slip cord for it.  I gave the bag to bebekins, my two year old daughter.  She then pulled out the draw cord and decided it was a hat.  and viola it is a hat.  Which is totally funny cause she hates hats. The first thing this child did in the hospital flip the newborn hat off, over and over again.

It is made it out of some left over yarn from making her a poncho so it fits the left over yarn part and bebe girls has proclaimed it would fit her cousins.  My brother has 4 month old twins that were born 5 weeks premature.   We haven't gone over there yet to see if it fits the cousins.  granted they are getting to be large bebes by now.  Maybe we will give it to cousin Alex for his Christening this weekend.

Why are you flashing me with the camera so early in the morning

so here are some pictures of a felted tote bag I made.  I am going to line it with cotton put some pockets in it  and put a zipper on it.  will put some bamboo handles on it.  I think it will look quite snazzy when I am done with it

Post felting.  you can still see the cables quite nicely.  it is still in the drying process here.

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