Thursday, July 15, 2010

crochet adventures

So in the last post I talked about learning to crochet and knit.  It all started cause my two year old learned how to open the dead bolt on the front door.  She learned how to open door knobs before that but as long and she couldn't go on walk about on her own, it wasn't too much of a big deal. There are several options for door knob covers and I am not a fan of the ugly plastic ones. I have friends that said ah yeah I can make you come crochet door knob covers.  I finally got tired of hounding them when bebe girl tried to follow me out the door as I left for work.    I went to the store,  I got some pretty yarn, I got some hooks and I sat down with you tube vids and figured it out.  have to love you tube they have videos for everything.  I make 4 door knob covers, figuring it was a good number of them to try.  I go over to my moms house and we put a couple on doors there we don't want the bebe going through.  10 minutes,  10 minutes I am telling you,  was all it took for the bebekins to figure out how to defeat the door knob covers.  if you pinch the door knob between your hand and you wrist and hang off the door knob the door opens.  Well that was the end of that for the attempt at crochet door knob covers.  I had to break down and go to the hardware store and get the plastic door knob covers.  It took bebekins about 4 hours to figure out how to defeat the plastic ones.   you stick you fingers in the openings and dangle off of the door knob cover and it pops right off.  Between keeping them on the doors every time she pulls them off and a tube of super glue to glue the halves together we are doing better.  so after her figureing out how to defeat the crochet door knob covers, I had yarn left over so what to do with the yarn.  find something else to make with it. crochet is pretty easy.  knitting a bit more challenging for me to pick up but I think I got it now.  just took some practice. and some diffrent yarn.  the first yarn, spa by naturally caron, is a fine weight yarn and heavily plyed so really easy to split your stiches and to keep you knitting even.  so I then tried cotton-ease by lion brand, have the back of a hooded bebe poncho knitted up for bebekins.  Cotton-ease much easier to work with initially while learning to knit.  I will go back to the spa yarn cause I love the feel of it and think it would make a wonderful knit top once I get some practice under my belt.

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