Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A year ago almost exactally, DH, bebegirls and I went on vacation for 4 days.  When we got home we discovered there was a power outage while we were gone causing all the pumps in my reef tank to turn off and mass amounts of death in the tank.  Do you know how bad an 18inch anemone smells when it dies.  When the nitrates dropped below 20ppm I started adding critters to the tank again.    At Christmas I added some frog spawn corals and recently I added a $10 sized zooanthid colony to the tank.    I took this photo first thing in the morning before the lights turn on, so the colony is still waking up but you can see the zooanthids spitting and growing.  I should be braver and put more stuff in the tank and it might recover faster. but the spreading of the zooanthids is a good sign.
Bebegirls is off in with her Grandparents for two weeks.  She is having a great time.  Here are some pictures I took last week when we dropped her off.

MMMM tomatos fresh of the vine

The Dog isn't sure about always being held.

Two weeks of Bebe free time have lead to lots of quilting time.  I have three different tops I am working on. atm.  I have made alot of progress.  I might have one of the 3 tops pieced by the time she comes back.  One of the tops is a king sized quilt so I work on the other two when I need a break.  The smaller of the two will be a 50x 40ish lap quilt  and the larger will be an 80x80 quilt for my nephew for when he gets his big boy bed.  The twins turned 1 a month ago but as he never got his baby quilt I figured I might as well make his useful.  I didn't take a picture of the large stacks of fabrics of the works in progress.

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