Wednesday, June 22, 2011

quilt planning and inspiration  truley lovely pictures.  I particually like the sea horses and the frogs.  I love the sturgeon one but then again I am a fish geek and sturgeons are just really cool fish.  The are living relics in one of the oldest families of ray fined fishes.  Caviar is from several species of the European species of sturgeon. These are enormous fish when the reach full size.

the hexagon quilt thinking
I am debating between Hexagon park or Sexy hexy love.  either way the hexagons will be big enough to incorporate the large print of the fabric I am using.
The fabric i will use and maybe some of this
This will lead to a setters of catan/ civilization ish theme for the quilt

If I do the hexagon park, instead of white I am debating black or chocolate brown or an espresso brown.  I like the dark lines better since the fabric is bright and I think it will make the fabric pop.   Hexagon Park uses 30 hexys and finishs out at 70x80.  I have 18 fabrics for the castle peeps and 24 for the 1001 peeps
and that is 40 fabrics though I don't have to use them all. if I used the coral and indigo prince charming fabrics that is another 15 fabrics.  so options are 1) make it with one hexy of each fabric and just let it be a larger quilt.  2) make the hexys smaller 3) ditch the border and just have the jagged hexy edge and while the binding is more complicated it could be interesting that way. I am leaning towards combinations of 1 and 3.  while I don't want another king sized quilt.  as I finished one this year and am half way through the second,  the  8 inch hexys really show off the fabric nicely  by working with the repeat of the fabric the best.  5 inch hexys will also work with the repeat but not as well for all of the fabrics. larger blocks = less sewing for the same sized quilt.  but in this case larger blocks=larger quilt. so the larger blocks = less sewing is probably a logical fallacy on my part but half of getting a large quilt done is perseverance so having it feel like less sewing is probably beneficial.  Then the 3 question is do I group my colors in to kingdoms or mix and match.  with the catan/civ theme for this quilt having the colors grouped by kingdom could be interesting.

Sexy Hexy Love Musings
This could work with either the town buildings or the peeps in the center of each hexys with the castles and the heraldry around each center. I would modify this pattern basically using her patterns for the hexagon block and then make 18 blocks and and make a hexagon shaped large lap quilt.  there will also have to be some shrinking of each of the blocks so the quilt doesn't end up gigantic.

this quilt idea has been marinating in my brain for about 6 weeks now.  I am finally getting ready to start it even though there are still lots of questions in my head.

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